Ride 3 Westport to Reefton

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Westport to Reefton. Rain and mist to start the day. A beautiful ride up the Buller River Gorge, followed by a tough ride into a headwind from the gorge to Reefton. The last 40 kilometers were unpleasant for two reasons. There was a strong headwind and drizzly rain all the way. There was also nowhere to stop. Roadside stops were unpleasant because of the hordes of sandflies. There was in fact only as single place to stop on the entire ride, Berlin on the Buller Gorge. This was a bar (offering roast beef sandwiches). Everyone was friendly in the bar, but there were all drinking a lot, and of course, they had to drive to the bar (past us).

Average Speed Maximum Speed Distance Ride Time Trip Time
15 46 78 05:04:00
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