A loop from Vancouver to Seattle and back

Here is a tour from Vancouver to Seattle, then back through Port Washington and Victoria. I just realized that bikely is no longer responsive. So the maps are being refreshed.

  1. Vancouver to Bellingham. 87kms Steady rain on the day in August we did this. Nonetheless, a great ride. Apart from a bit in White Rock, low traffic.

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  2. From Bellingham to La Connor. 57kms. More rain. Despite this a great ride. Begins with some climbing, then passes through pine forest and parkland near highway five. Almost no traffic, which is why it seems sensible instead of the route along the ocean. Ends in the farmland (flat) in the Skagit Valley.

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  3. La Connor to Snohomish. 79kms. The ride to Arlington is on fairly quiet roads. The best part is just after highway 5. It is very nice until you get near Arlington, where traffic increases. Arlington had a good grocery store with place for a picnic on the path. Just after Arlington, there is a very bad stretch, with heavy traffic an narrow roads (maybe find a bypass). The bad section is 87th avenue leaving Arlington. After you get up the hill the road widens, so it isn't so bad. Then after a kilometer or so, you will meet the brilliant Centennial Trail which leads all the way to Snohomish. At the very end of the trail, on the left (going south) there is a pretty good coffee shop.

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  4. Snohomish to Seattle. 60kms. It is amazing really, that rides like this are possible. Bike into the biggest city in the Pacific Northwest, not really any traffic problems at all. The busy streets near Highway 5 had good shoulders. Otherwise, the route is mostly either off road, or quiet, even in downtown Seattle. There is a foot bridge at Chittenden Lock, just before you get downtown.

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  5. Bainbridge to Port Townsend. 74kms. Oddly enough, a pretty tedious ride. Traffic is heavy near Bainbridge, though the shoulders are good. The rest of the way is two lane, relatively quiet highway, rolling hills. A great lunch spot at Port Gamble. Right at the end, there is a nice and very scenic bike path, leading down into the Port.

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  6. Port Townsend to Port Angeles. 88kms We actually stayed in a B&B in Sequim half way through this ride. After the ride on a busy and fast moving highway out of Port Townsend the route becomes really nice. Time your exit from Port Townsend to miss the ferry traffic, and go early, the first stretch isn't so bad. But there are no shoulders, and the traffic is fast. Sequim is nice, you can pick up the Olympic Discovery Trail long before Sequim (look for the green shaded area just off the main highway on the southern part of Sequim Bay). In between, Highway 101 has generous shoulders.

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  7. Port Angeles to Vancouver. Take the fast ferry to Victoria, then the lochside trail to the ferry back to Vancouver.