Rim Failure

One thing I have always been curious about is exactly when to replace worn rims. The rim wear that most concerns me is the wear that occurs when the brake pad grinds against the rim, eventually making it convex. So far, each time one of my rims has failed, the consequence has been a rubbing brake causes be a rim edge that has splayed out.
This time the failure was catastrophic (without actually having any catastrophic consequences thankfully). Here is a picture of what the wheel looks like after an attempt to inflate the tire blew the rim right off the wheel.

A collection of California rides

Using Maps with a Garmin device

There are many maps shown on this website, mostly showing routes for various tours. These maps were constructed beforehand, with the view in mind of finding a relatively safe way through complicated high traffic areas. They make use of local bike maps, rides graphed on bikely, google satellite and street view, and various blogs and other material from the internet. The best way to make use of these is to put them on your garmin device, then have it guide you as you do the tour. It really makes a remarkable difference. You won't get lost, and will spend a lot less time hunched over maps.

A loop from Vancouver to Seattle and back

Here is a tour from Vancouver to Seattle, then back through Port Washington and Victoria. I just realized that bikely is no longer responsive. So the maps are being refreshed.

  1. Vancouver to Bellingham. 87kms Steady rain on the day in August we did this. Nonetheless, a great ride. Apart from a bit in White Rock, low traffic.

    View the ride on Google Earth

Southern California Tour

Here is a tour through Southern California done in early March. The remarkable thing about this tour is how much of it was bike friendly. Most of the beaches in LA have dedicated cycling paths. The ride through Camp Pendleton is nearly car free. The longest ride from Borrego Springs to Palm Desert was along quiet roads through the desert, wide shoulders on the interstate, then cycling paths nearer Palm Desert.

California Ride

California Tour

  1. Sunday - Guerneville-Gureneville via Healdsburg - 56 kms
    5 Seasons River Village Resort and Spa
    14880 River Road Guerneville, CA USA 95446
    Phone: 707.869.8139
    Highlights for non-wine drinkers -
    Stumptown Brewery
    15045 River Road, Guerneville,ca

A Bike Tour from Vancouver to Friday Harbour

I have to admit that, apart from the local rides I do all the time, my favourite north west coast rides are in Washington State. There seems less traffic, everything is a little less commercial. In any case, this describes a bike tour from Vancouver to Friday Harbour on San Juan Island. I can't really imagine a better place to go for a short bike trip.

Web Software to Use on Your bike Blog

It is fun to record your travels by bike. In part, it is just to remember where you went and what you liked about it. On the the other hand, if you are on a very long tour, cross canada say, or even cross russia, a lot of people will be interested in how you are doing and will want to know that every thing is going well. It is a good idea to update your location and other information as you go along just to keep them informed.

There is lots of software available to help you do this. Following other peoples blogs is one way to learn about this. These blogs vary.

A Bad Idea - Converting an Old Mountain Bike into a Modern Touring Bike

For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to convert the cross canada bike (CCB) into a modern touring bike. It seemed kind of pointless to have the bike just sit there - its only function, to take our visitors on exhausting 5km rides around town. This is a bike that had made two major bike tours, flown about 10000 km in airplanes, and even done a bit of mountain bike racing (in its original unmodified form). How hard could it be? The plan was to use a lot of the extra parts for road bikes that I have lying around, and use them to retrofit the bike. Big mistake.

Cross Canada Ride

The webpage for the ride across canada has been moved to canada_crossing.php


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